A Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) is one of the most popular degrees studied internationally. It prepares students for leadership and management roles, with core courses such as accounting and finance, applied statistics, management, marketing, or managerial economics. Sub disciplines of an M.B.A. include project management, human resources, and other kinds of management. The study of these disciplines further prepares a graduate with the ability to think strategically in planning new business solutions and help fuel their passion for innovation and entrepreneurial action while balancing a global and sensitive mindset. Completing a degree in Business Administration, however, does allow flexibility in career paths – graduates with an M.B.A. also work in IT, Consulting, and Education and Academics. Institutions that offer M.B.A. degrees prepare students with a practical business management skill set valuable to any employer, developing their understanding of the nature and complexity of global challenges facing business, and understanding how strategic leadership is essential to achieving success in a rapidly changing international environment. Since an M.B.A. is such a flexible graduate degree, you'll have even better chances for a higher salary and the tools to start your own company with the skills you've learned in business administration, operations, and strategy. Completing a Masters in Business Administration gives you the opportunity to accelerate your career – you will have studied new skills and tested your leadership abilities for use in the modern workplace, an asset to any global company!