Full Time Courses for Hospitality Management

The Hospitality industry includes a wide variety of different types of business, including pubs, hotels, airlines, restaurants, caterers, cafes and fast food outlets. Hospitality presents many unique challenges, combining a strong customer service element with often significant staffing requirements, stringent health and safety considerations, and all the complex challenges of running a successful business. A degree in Hospitality will prepare you for all these factors, much in the same way as an MBA would do for the commercial sector more generally. A Masters in Hospitality (MA or MPhil) is based on taught modules – ranging from general managerial principles, to industry trends – and will sometimes, depending on the course, involve a research element. As with other degree courses classified under Tourism, Sport, and Leisure, Hospitality courses are often designed in dialogue with employers, in order to ensure the skills provided are as relevant as possible. Beyond managerial positions in the Hospitality sector, or setting up your own business, Hospitality graduates can consider moving into other sectors with a strong customer service element – such as Retail.

Hospitality Management