2 Ways to Market Yourself as a Student


Whether your graduation is on the horizon or whether you still have a number of years to go until the day when you can sport a cap and gown, you should be looking for ways to market yourself and your credentials. The earlier you start when it comes to promoting your skills and qualifications, the more likely you will be to hit the ground running as soon as you enter the world of work.


There are lots of things that you can do to promote yourself and let prospective employers know that you will be an amazing fit for their business. Here are two things you should be doing to market yourself as a student:



Harness the power of the web


The beauty of the Internet is that anybody can use it to big themselves up, even people that are introverted or shy. Don’t let this power go to waste — don’t be afraid to harness the power of the web showoff a little online! So long as you can back up what you type in person, there’s nothing wrong with talking up your credentials on the Internet. Be careful, though, not to cross the line of showing off and being downright self-indulged. For advice on the right way to brag, be sure to check out this helpful article posted on Psychology Today.


Before you can start shouting about all of your abilities, qualifications, and credentials online, you first have to create a platform for yourself. To the point, this means creating a personal website. On this site, you will be able to list your accomplishments, talk about your skills, and showcase your subject/industry through the content that you upload.


To go the extra mile in this instance, you should do your utmost best to ensure that your site ranks highly on Google — truthfully, you need to be aiming for page number one! For this to be the case, you’re going to need to make use of the link building services offered by a content marketing company such as Click Intelligence. Be sure to head to clickintelligence.com to see what they can do to give your website the authority it needs to climb those ranking and enjoy higher conversion rates.



Work on your ‘elevator pitch’


Your ‘elevator pitch’ is the little explanation that you give to people whenever they ask you who you are, what you do, and what your career aspirations are. As you are a student, this speech should currently focus on your life as a student, what classes you take, how you have performed in academia up to now, and how your course is preparing you for your life after education. Work on this pitch and make sure it is as clear and coherent as it can be, as the first impression that you give in this instance could the deciding factor in convincing potential employers of your worth.


Before you can give your ‘elevator pitch,’ you have to enter into environments and situations in which it is acceptable to talk about yourself in such a professional manner. It is, then, a good idea to go to as many networking events as your busy student timetable will allow you to.


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