Stealth Career Tactics That Deliver Results

In an economy that looks increasingly unstable, it's more important than ever for job seekers to identify several methods that can lead to interviews, callbacks, job offers, and better career prospects. While there are numerous well-known techniques in common practice, how good are some of the lesser-known approaches? Does it really help to use mentors, earn a master's degree, or take continuing education courses?


The stealth strategies for moving ahead in a career also include writing a short book on a topic you know well, signing up for social service projects in the local community, and picking up another language. There are no guarantees in the competitive world of careers. There are techniques that can bring positive results for those who are persistent. Here are the pertinent details.


Using Mentors

Fewer than one-fourth of all job seekers have a designated mentor. The fact is mystifying because those who work with mentors have a much higher rate of success at finding not just any old job but jobs that lead to rewarding careers and a lifetime of advancement along the promotion ladder. What's the easiest way to find a mentor if you don't have one? Use an online platform that pairs young professionals and college grads with experienced businesspeople, many of whom retired after achieving top jobs in their companies.


Earning Advanced Degrees

Having a college diploma is one of the core components of achieving professional success. But for those who want to increase the odds of building long-term financial and job security, a master's degree is even better. Individuals who choose grad school tend to land in the top tier of lifetime earnings and business achievement. Most of those who aspire to post-collegiate study turn to student loans as a way of dealing with the financial requirements of attending specialized educational institutions.


Loans are the preferred way to finance master's programs in any academic or vocational field. The unique advantage of the strategy is that rates are reasonable, money is available, and borrowers can choose from a wide array of loan terms and structures. There are as many arrangements as there are borrowers, which makes the system both fair and accessible. Considering that advanced degrees are an effective way to earn more, people usually view student loans as a good investment.


Establishing Community Service Projects

One of the most eye-catching lines on a resume is, "Founded a community-service organization..." It doesn't matter what the project is about. But potential employers see the first part of the sentence. There's no doubt that it's inherently good to work for the betterment of your community. Letting hiring agents know that you are an active citizen who gets things done can only make you look good during an interview.


Writing a Book

There's no need to pen a best seller. Instead, improve your writing skills and boost your career by writing a short book about something you understand well and find interesting. Just be sure to select a topic that shows your talents in a positive light. If you wrote a lengthy college paper on how to sell things online, consider reworking and expanding the idea into book format, complete with brief chapters and a few images for illustrative purposes. There are several low-cost platforms where you can sell the book, even though the goal of the effort is brand building, not profit making.


Becoming Bilingual

Depending on where you live and what you do for work, picking up another language can be a powerful tool for advancement. Particularly in retail and customer service jobs that are US-based, knowing basic conversational Spanish is one of the ways to jump on the fast track to upward mobility. As the US market for all goods and services continues to witness a rise in Latin American participation, there's a huge demand for anyone who can speak Spanish reasonably well.


Start by exploring a few of the no-cost online classes and then consider expanding to intermediate courses, some of which come with modest fees. The secret to learning another language is consistent study, taking it very slowly, and working with a native speaker. To add a bit of fun and variety to your linguistic regimen, spend time listening to Spanish language radio and TV broadcasts or conversing in online bilingual chat rooms with people from Spanish speaking nations.



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