How To Choose Your Business Major According To What's Popular Now

Everyday business activities are carried out everywhere in the world. It drives human interaction and sustains global development. In fact, it is also a great determinant of international trends. 

As a student, you should consider taking one or two courses in business if you do not consider it as a major. However, it will do you a lot of good if you consider business as a college major because it is a thriving sector with multifaceted career paths. 

If you are studying, you want to graduate and be in high demand in the labor market. From the multitudes of popular business courses and degrees, you can major in right now, choosing the one with high demand, high salaries, and growth opportunities is paramount. That is why we have helped you compile a list of business majors according to what is popular now.


Project Management

For any project to be delivered and executed perfectly, a good manager needs to take control of it. A project manager creates the projects and plans ahead. If you have a thing for taking control of any situation, this is something you may want to consider as a major. A degree in project management will allow you to learn about contract negotiation, problem-solving, procurement, team supervision, and risk management.

Project managers are always in high demand. No matter what type of industry, professionals are always needed to monitor projects. As a project manager, you can work in the oil and gas, finance, insurance, manufacturing, construction, and any other project-oriented firm, earning about $100,000 in median salary.



Can you comfortably sell something for people without trying too much, does selling come effortlessly to you? If so, then marketing is one of the best business majors you should consider when you are getting a university degree. A marketer is responsible for working with other marketing staff to develop unique campaign ideas to sell a company's product, services of just a general brand identity. 

Marketers are also charged with creating editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets. If you major in marketing, the courses you are likely to take in school include learning about consumer behavior, promotions, sales, online marketing, and team management.

Upon graduation, you may work with advertising management by providing service to different clients, running online ads or working directly with a company, handling their promotion needs, and developing content that suits their marketing needs. As a marketing executive, you are positioned to earn over $140,000 as a median salary.


Internet Marketing

The world is a global place now, which also applies to the business world. Business transactions go on smoothly without necessary physical contact. Public relations and marketing are increasing daily online. 

That means bagging a degree in internet marketing can help you learn more about operating better in the digital world. Also, you know about promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet by using tools that drive traffic, leads, sales, project growth, convert website visitors to customers, retain customers, and learn more about customer satisfaction.

Having a degree in internet marketing makes you an expert and professional in using internet digital marketing tools. It sets you up to earn a median salary of about $63,000, depending on where you end up working.



This is an age-long career choice. All companies, non-profit, and even public agencies need an accountant to prepare accurate financial records. That’s hardly achievable without the service of an accountant. 

The other duties that come with accounting include summarizing, analyzing, reporting transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collector entities. By studying accounting, you will understand the fundamental accounting concepts and principles, including legal documents, tax laws, and business operations.


While in school, you will be taking courses on cost, financial management, laws and practice, data analytics, and tax accounting. You are also open to learning audit records, navigating tax laws, accounting software, and writing financial statements. 

Luckily, accountants are limited to working in financial institutions; you could be of service to schools, hospitals, gas stations, and others. Accountants earn a median annual salary of $73,560.


International Business

An internal business graduate has the world at their fingertips as it sets you up in a career path where you have unlimited opportunities to work with international conglomerates and travel the world. International business students are equipped for world business domination, moving from the boardrooms across several continents. 

When you get a degree in international business, you take courses on business laws in countries across the world and evaluate global companies.

The best thing about being an international business major is that you get to learn a second language, French, Spanish or Italian, which increases your career chance, setting you up to earn over $100,000 in median salary.


Business Administration 

When you have decided to earn a business degree but are still undecided on core specialization, this is where being a business administration major comes in handy. A general degree in business administration has a curriculum that includes accounting, business law, marketing, information technology, management, survey leadership, and human resources courses that are well in line to prepare you for a business executive career.

One thing that makes being a business administration graduate quite interesting is that you are being groomed to take up managerial roles in any firm or company, not minding the size and earning a median salary of about $100,000.



This is a new business degree course that sets you up for world domination, provided you are creative, understand business practices, and have the enthusiasm to innovate or break new grounds. 

Business startups are coming up every day, piloting the affairs of these small businesses can be a career path. An entrepreneurship degree focuses on courses like marketing, accounting, human resources, raising funds, developing your creative side, formulating a business plan, and attracting investors. Your median salary as a top executive in positioning startups is around $110,000.

Business degrees have been around for a long time but majoring in one that gives you room for growth and high earnings is why you need to follow this guide.



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