Why Getting a Free Essay Isn't the Best Idea

Free essay writer is a popular search request. No matter how much quality can offer the website, most students still will look at the price. It is understandable, that is why top writing services try to set affordable tariffs without reducing quality. For example, they set minimal prices for long deadlines and get money only for original content. The second one means that title and bibliography pages are free.

But there is a limit to reducing prices and professional service cannot offer free essays. And some students seek other options:

1.     Find a writer beginner who will agree to write an essay for experience and new work in the portfolio.

2.Ask a friend who will agree to help you without payment.

Let's see why both of these options are far away from the best way of getting a perfect essay.


No System

How professional online service works? Usually, you go to the website and right on the main page see the submit form, where you can order the essay.

This form can be small, so you can leave only your email and the field of study. In this case, you discuss all details with the manager. Or this form can be much more informative. In that case, you provide almost all materials and data at once, and tell the manager only additional requirements, if you have it.

In both cases, the manager gets your order and processes it. Clarifies details, picks the most suitable author, commissions in the system. And right after submitting the system began to work.

At the backstage, many processes remain. Like order distribution, quality control, hiring new writers, training the old ones. Due to these processes customers always get complete papers in time and perfectly done.

And what is going on if you order work from a beginner writer or ask your friend for help? For both perpetrators it is the new kind of job. They are not experienced writers and they have other things to do. Especially considering that you do not pay them. They will just listen to what they need to do and, if you will be lucky, will try to get it done by the deadline.


No Guarantees

The professional online where you can order the custom paper always gives the guarantees. The guarantees mean:

  • That you will get a high-quality essay.
  • That the service will not get the money until you will be satisfied with done work.
  • That if you have claims about paper, the author will have to correct it for free.


The service backs these guarantees up by reviews of the customers. Also, it provides such functions as submitting the form for order and discussing the details for free.

The communication with the manager goes through the email. It is a written documented form that you can use for the official claim.

Agreements with friends are mostly verbal. And it is all about trust. Agreements with freelancers may be written but still, if they will not do anything, you can't use it as proof. Because you don't pay them, so this is not a contract, just favor.


You Still Pay. Only With Your Time and Nerves

The system and guarantees of the professional service give you confidence, even if your order is urgent. But imagine how many hours and days you waste just to write and ask everyone “can you do my essay for me?”. Your friends will probably just listen to you and be sympathetic.

Freelancers are always looking for a job but paid one. And it is a lot of work to find somebody ready to take orders only for an experience, and also has enough experience to write a high-quality paper.

If you need your task to be done like tomorrow, is it really worth spending a day looking for free options than contacting the proven service and relax? And even if you have enough time, are you really ready to rely only on trust and redo the shoddy job on your own? Do not overestimate the value of money but learn to value time and your mental state.



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