How to Ace the SLE Test and Study in Nursing School?

If you’re an incoming college student, then it is very likely that you are already worrying about whether you meet the minimum requirements of the educational institution that you want to attend. Along with concerns about SAT scores, AP classes, and extracurricular activities, another aspect you might consider is how you'll handle the rigorous academic writing requirements in college. A dissertation writing sites review on Montereyherald can offer insights and resources to help you prepare for these challenges.

Whether it’s making sure that you have a high enough SAT score or enough AP classes as well as other extracurriculars, there’s bound to be something that can weigh on your mind throughout the entire process.

For the most part, however, passing the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) for Nursing and meeting the minimum score needed are the bane of most aspiring nurses in the U.S.

Depending on which college you want to join, the score may be the industry standard or be higher than usual if it is well-known and has a prestigious nursing program.

While this may be tough for many, with a bit of hard work, some research, and the right approach, you can pave the way to secure your admissions with relative ease and even impress the college with such an impressive score!

So, let’s take a good look at a number of great tips that can help you not only pass the Wonderlic test but also turn it into a memorable and easy experience.


Don’t panic and answer at your own pace!


When it comes to college entrance exams, it is not uncommon for students to try and one-up each other in an attempt to show how smart they are by showing how fast they can turn in their paper.


To make things worse, the Wonderlic exam itself is also designed to try and make the test-taker panic due to how short the time limit is as well as with how many questions there are.


Do not let this happen to you.


In reality, many of the passers of this exam stated that keeping a clear head, having a steady pace with answering questions, and ignoring those who seem to show off contributed greatly to them handling the test well.


Remember: your objective is to meet the threshold score of the college, not be the fastest student during the entrance exam.


Review the core subjects of the Wonderlic test and focus on them!


The Wonderlic test for nursing is designed to measure one’s cognitive ability as a whole, meaning you don’t need to know specific subjects or topics about nursing in order to pass it.


Instead, focus on sharpening your verbal, numerical, logical, and graphical reasoning skills because they are relevant to the profession that you are trying to get into.


As a nurse, you need to understand written and spoken instructions well, be able to make the necessary calculations when giving medicine according to the doctor’s orders, have good problem solving skills, and can read medical reports as well as their accompanying graphs both for the benefit of the patient and their relatives so that you can explain their status to them in case the doctor is not available.


To be sure, look up any of the online Wonderlic test resources to check the specific list of subjects that you can encounter in the exam itself so that you can plan accordingly.


Fortunately, however, most of the questions are typically adjusted to be that of senior high school-level difficulty.


Answer the easy questions first!


When you take the Wonderlic SLE, you will be made to answer a 50-item test in only 12 minutes.


This means that it is economical for you to go through questions that you can answer within a few seconds, all the while skipping or making an educated guess on ones that you know you will have troubles with.


You read that right! You’re actually allowed, encouraged even, to guess on the Wonderlic test.


There is no penalty for doing so and is necessary when it comes to time trap questions.


What are time trap questions you say? Well, they’re basically questions that are intentionally made to be absurdly difficult to answer or just contain a lot of information in the supplied passage.


In short, their main function is to waste your time and prevent you from answering the rest of the exam.


Remember, it doesn’t matter if the question is a simple “1 + 1 = ???” or an extensive word problem. 


Each of them are only worth one point each, and we can see that you will increase your chances of passing if you focus on the easier ones first because you’ll have ample time to answer the more difficult questions later.


Practice as much as you can!


Whether it’s some dusty old printed exam from a sibling or an online Wonderlic practice test, it would be a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with it as much as you can.


By doing this, you will get a feel on the timed testing environment that you will have to face.


These resources not only contain questions that are similar to the ones in the actual Wonderlic exam, but also extensive tips and tricks on how to tackle each subject and topic.


This will allow you to answer them in a few seconds and thus increase the time that you can spend on the subjects that are more difficult for you.




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