How to Avoid Distractions While Finding and Completing Your Master’s Degree

The world is constantly changing, and never more so in the last year and a half. While all of these changes ironically seem to center around mostly sitting at home and doing nothing, the educational world has arguably seen as much disruption as any other.

With the recent physical and mental hurdles added to whatever challenges presented themselves with your previous achievements, it might be the case that picking the right master’s degree is more important than ever. Alongside that, you also have the added factor that some, if not all, of your course will be taken online while working from home.

As we now all know, working from home has its own distractions. So, with that in mind, here is a quick list of things to do to help you avoid some of those distractions while you complete your master’s degree:


#1 Find the right place to work

This is first on the list for a very good reason. As you no doubt know from your earlier studies, you can’t keep your mind on your work if your desk is in the middle of a busy kitchen or tucked away under the stairs or alongside the main walkthrough between the main living area and the kitchen.

Instead, have a dedicated space in a spare room or bedroom where you can shut the outside world out and just get on with what you need to do. It needs to be a calm and clear environment free of all of the things that would normally take your attention elsewhere, which brings us to the next thing on the list.


#2 Turn off notifications

It’s no good separating yourself from the outside world physically if you don’t do it digitally. Clearly, as you are studying, you will need some contact with the outside world, but that doesn’t have to include app notifications. You know by now that what your friends and colleagues are doing on Instagram can wait an hour or two.

The same thing goes for those notorious time killers YouTube and TikTok, where a quick look can turn into a couple of hours very easily. You might need a temporary task to clear your brain, but it won’t, unfortunately, be found in cat videos or the latest ‘top 10’ video about your favourite TV show.


#3 Pick your time to study

Picture the scene – you are a massive fan of the NHL, and it’s the Stanley Cup final. You already know how much work you are going to get done for the week or so while those games are going on. The same goes if you or your SO are big NFL fans and it’s a Sunday night or the new episode of the TV programme you are obsessed with first airs on a Monday.

While you can watch these anytime, it makes sense that your mind will be elsewhere until the programme has been watched and your head is clear again. Scheduling your study time to avoid things like this, and being realistic about what you can achieve while your head is elsewhere, is important. And, if you need to justify the time, you can always consider it a reward for studying hard the rest of the time. 

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