Top Things to Avoid When Cramming for Finals

When it comes to college life, time management plays a crucial role at all academic levels. However, when you find yourself juggling classes, essays, extracurriculars, and other social issues, it is difficult to get ready for exams early on. As a rule, students choose to cram as the only way out. Let’s face the truth – cramming is an integral part of the academic routine. Sometimes cramming is what it takes to cope with a biology essay, English literature book review, or get ready for an exam or test.

If you’re a professional procrastinator or your schedule was too tough this semester, cramming is the only way out. But the reality is that you have to know how to do it right. Below, we offer some of the key things to avoid when cramming for college final exams or tests.

1. Studying Until the Very Last Minute

It doesn’t matter how good you are at this or that discipline or how easy the test/exam is, studying too last minute is a bad idea. If you choose to spend the whole day concentrated on your academic materials and skip other classes and meals, chances are you’re about to burn out.

Spending the whole night before will take away the adequate amount of sleep that your organism needs. As a result, you will perform worse on your test or exam.

If you take it too far, you will not only shorten the time you will need for a study session, but you will also stress out to a point where you could totally fail your exam because of your anxiety.

2. Worrying Too Much

Again, the shorter your time for study sessions, the more worried you will become about how you will do at the exam. In our everyday life, we’re already too busy and stressed out due to loads of routine commitments and finals make things even worse.

When you realize how much writing, reading, planning, and learning you have to do, your stress levels will simply delay your cramming. As a result, you will end up studying less effectively because of being too busy psyching out. No matter how much time you have to get your work done, always remain positive!  

3. Poor Time Management Skills

Of course, you can’t cram “in advance.” However, it is crucial to know when it’s time to cram full steam ahead, so make sure to plan your studying in advance. As a result, you will already have a strong plan in mind when it’s time to cram. In other words, you’re procrastinating but doing it like a pro.

Online experts working for custom writing companies and providing urgent help to needy students report that most customers don’t have a calendar. That is why they find themselves in a time trap. If you don’t like the idea of having to look for a cheap writing service to buy biology essay, baroque literature book review, or any other assistance, buy a calendar. Use it to keep all of your cram sessions in check. You will know when the next test or exam is coming, whether you can cope with work on your own or it’s time to seek a custom writing company offering papers for sale. 

4. Cramming While in Bed

It’s no doubt, your bed is one of the most comfortable places on earth. But the reality is that it is important to stay away from too comfortable places like your bed. Chances are that you will end up laying down and taking a nap. What is more, you’re going to feel lazy to read or learn anything.

Instead of choosing your bed for your cramming session, try to sit in a comfortable armchair, at your desk, or on a couch. As a result, you will be focused on your books.

5. Studying with Loads of Distractions Around

Believe it or not, distractions do not refer to people only. The truth is that it can be anything from your Facebook notifications, TV to a crowded café. All these distractions make your cramming less effective and never let you focus on the academic materials.

It is important to cut off all the distractions. If you’re in a room full of people or in front of a TV set, it’s time to look for a quiet place.

6. Taking Zero Breaks in the Process

If your exam or test is just two days away, you may believe it’s better to study ten hours straight. However, retaining much information is nearly impossible if you go this way. The majority of undergrads tend to study for up to thirty minutes before they lose their focus. Ensure to take regular breaks to be able to study as efficiently as possible.

Although it is better to stay away from things like cramming, sometimes you don’t have any other options. After cramming is something that happens to the most hard-working and successful students. In order to make the most of your cramming sessions, it is necessary to ensure that you avoid the taboos discussed above. 



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