Here's Why You Should Add Spain in Your Bucket List

Whether your aim is to have a passport stamped from a number of countries, or are in the midst of planning a long-awaited holiday, Spain should be on your travel bucket list. There are hundreds of reasons why Spain is a dream destination for a solo traveler, couple, or group. Not only are there a ton of sights you can visit, but there is also so much history, food, and an amazing array of cultures that will definitely have you coming back for more. Pack your bags, and start looking for flights to Spain because after reading this list, you will want to go there ASAP.


1. Rich History

One of the things that Spain has in abundance is history and art. This European country has been around for a while and has witnessed a variety of amazing artists, architectural designs, and events over the course of its existence. Its amazing life and deep history can be seen all over the country in the forms of buildings that have been around for centuries, cathedrals that represent not only religious beliefs but intricate architectural aspects that leave everyone in awe, and have a ton of history behind them, and castles that give you a glimpse of how people lived. You can of course learn about the history of Spain online or through textbooks, but nothing beats the physical experience itself. You can also gain a lot of knowledge by speaking to natives about the history of different sights.


2. Amazing Language

The Spanish language is said to be one of the best languages in the world. It even contends with French as the most romantic language. Just like English and other European languages, it is mainly derived from Latin. It has a musical ambiance and luckily if you plan to learn Spanish, you won’t have to suffer as much when it comes to pronunciation and grammar. Not only is it easy to pronounce Spanish words because you are simply enunciating all the letters written, but it is easy to learn new words and grammatical rules especially if you are already familiar with English or French. Even if you do not have time to learn the language, imagine walking down streets with the musical notes of Spanish flowing from the lips of everyone around you. It is a magical experience that you will remember forever.


3. Delicious Food

Spanish food is extremely similar to Italian food. They use a lot of the same herbs and love using olive oil in many dishes. A popular dish there is paella, which is flavorful rice topped with various seafood. The dish is originally Valencian but it is so widespread in Spain that many foreigners assume it is their traditional dish. Nonetheless, the food there is exquisite and quite affordable so you will be quite full and satisfied throughout your stay.


These are just some of the reasons why Spain should be on your bucket list. To top it all off, unlike other European countries, Spain is quite affordable. Of course, your expenses will mainly depend on what kind of accommodation you plan on booking during your visit and your daily plans. However, you will not be paying much to see different sights, learn about the amazing history there, eat flavorful food, listen to great music, and get a bunch of souvenirs back for friends and family.



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