Which is the Best Source to Learn Java Programming

Description: Trying to find the best Java training programs? Take advantage of these learning resources to master Java. 


Java has been around for a while, and its popularity is not waning anytime soon. The multifaceted use of Java in everyday programming makes it a must-learn language for every beginner developer. In addition to this, Java offers a platform to learn other programming languages since it is easier to learn. Java's simplicity is derived from its Object-oriented focus and syntax written in the English language, which aids comprehension. 


Even though it is relatively easy to learn, your learning source goes a long way to determining how quickly you grasp the basic concepts. This article will look at the main sources of learning Java to help you make an informed choice. 


Books are a great educative resource, and you can check out the most recommended books for Java beginners in this post on journaldev.com


Why Should You Learn Java? 

Java is highly recommended for beginners as it is a mid-level language that is not hard to learn. But why should a beginner learn Java instead of the other languages? The reasons are several, but I will give a few here. 

  • Java gives you a platform to learn other languages due to its simple-to-understand syntax written in English. 
  • Java is cross-functional and works on any platform.
  • Java programs have more efficient memory management. 
  • Java is object-oriented, and this makes it flexible as a coding skill. 
  • The security of Java is top-notch, and it is preferred by firms worldwide. 
  • Java experts are always in demand and thus enjoy competitive salaries. 
  • Java applies to both the front and back end of computer programming. 
  • The resources to master Java are innumerable, and this means that you are never stranded when you encounter problems. 
  • Java has a well-established and active community for beginners and more proficient Java experts to share knowledge and experience. 
  • Java is an open-source language and has powerful Integrated Development Environment toolkits to help you write bug-free codes. 
  • Java has a well-entrenched Application Programming Interface (API). 


Best Sources to Learn Java

Surely the broad benefits of learning Java have piqued your interest in learning. So the next step is where do you learn efficiently? Well, there are broadly three sources to learn Java programming. Websites, books, and YouTube videos. These will be considered to help you choose. 



Many websites advertise Java lessons online with their unique teaching mode; however, not all these websites are reputable. Some of the lessons on these websites are half-baked from tutors who are not qualified to teach the courses. A recommended website is Codegym. The website offers more detailed courses on Java fundamentals. 


Codegym also helps you learn by giving you tasks to test your code writing skills. Up to 1200 tasks are available to undertake on the Codegym website. 


Courses available on Codegym include Java multithreading, new Java syntax, and Java collections. To make learning interesting, Codegym offers lessons in the form of interesting games to keep you interested. 


Other websites to learn Java are Coursera, Udemy, and eDx. 



Books are great reference materials when learning Java. Some books cover different areas of the Java course. Some of these books are:


  1. Head First Java

Written by Kathy Sierra, Head First Java is one of the most consulted books among Java developers. The book is a fantastic resource for beginners. The author's focus was more on beginners, evident in the pictures, puzzles, and brain teasers used to make illustrations in the book. 


  1. Learn Java in 1 day: complete beginners guide

Reading this book will give you an insight into the fundamentals of Java. The book also teaches you concepts such as loops, arrays, decisions, variables, etc. You will also learn about frameworks like Oracle, Java Eclipse, Java Swing, etc. 


  1. Core Java Volume 1-Fundamentals (11th edition)

Both beginners and experts will find this book very helpful. No matter the level of understanding of Java, you will find so much information on Java in this book. Even for those who are not tech-savvy, the book is easy to understand as the tech jargon is kept to a very low level. Topics such as Reflection, Proxies are well covered in this book. 


  1. Java: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

If you want to fully understand the concept of Object-oriented language, which stands out in Java, you should read this book. The very basics of what Java represents, its features, and how to install Java programs are well explained in this book. As a beginner, you understand what the language is made up of. 


  1. Java in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself

The book uses a unique style of explanation which involves a step-by-step method of explaining and has tests and exercises at the end of every chapter to test your knowledge of each chapter. Your Java development skill will receive a boost after reading this book. 

YouTube videos 

Another resource for learning Java is video lessons on YouTube. The benefits of these videos are that they give you a more practical guide to learning Java and encourage a do-it-yourself attitude towards learning. You could watch the videos and start writing codes right away. YouTube videos are free, and some of the facilitators of these Java learning pages focus on beginners, while others target experienced developers. Depending on your choice and where you fall, you can choose from any of these YouTubers to learn Java.

  • Codegym 
  • Darak Banas playlist
  • Programming with Mosh
  • The New Boston
  • Code with Harry 
  • Java by Saurabh Shukla Sir
  • Java full course from Edureka


These are just a few of the several Java video creators on YouTube you can learn from. Some of these teach basic Java fundamentals; some teach game development and how to build apps using Java. Go through any of them and start learning. 


Wrapping Up 

Learning Java isn't necessarily a tedious affair. You can learn in a fun and exciting way using quizzes, games, and exercises to help you comprehend faster. If you do well under a structured and hands-on style, the lessons on Codegym will do a lot of good and get you writing Java codes in less than no time. Good luck with your learning. 



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