10 Tips on Writing an Admission Essay

An admission essay is your chance to reveal your personality to the admission committee. One way to get a quality admission essay is to order it on WritingCheap. However, there also are tips that can help you to write it yourself. 

The college season is well under way, and you should write an amazing application essay. How can you make your essay stand out? What does the admission committee want to read about in your essay?

You just need to stay calm and consider proven tips to help with your college admission essay.


Tips for Writing an Outstanding Admission Essay


1. Identify your strongest traits of character

Simplify the task of writing by listing your strengths, and all that comes to mind when you think about who you are. This is an important step for entrance exams to give an admission committee a glimpse into your life. Summarize the facts which were not included in the resume and test results.


2. Avoid information included in your resume

As a rule, college admission essays should contain no more than 650-700 words. Do not shorten your admission essay to a list of your accomplishments in academic and extracurricular activities. Admissions officers will feel like they are reading your resume again, which is annoying. Interest them by exposing your personality. This gives them a reason to read further with greater concentration, and you can show how your life experience is unique. When you tell your story in an attractive way, it sets you apart from other candidates. For example, you can discuss the difficult times in your life and how you have overcome them. This helps to reveal more information about who you are and what gives you the right to enroll to a particular college, and it is more effective than just presenting a simple list of achievements.


3. Focus on a specific topic

Some colleges have questions or suggestions for writing, while others give students the freedom to choose topics. In both cases, select a focused topic rather than a general one. It can be your interest or a unique experience. Extend your topic using your interest or experience or relate them to a topic or question (if you have one). Adhere to this point of view throughout the admission essay. 

If the college asked a question, it is better to immediately answer it and not go astray. Use an outline of the points before you start writing the essay to convey your message properly and answer the questions completely. 


4. Show your writing skills 

Write your essay in such a way as to demonstrate your writing skills. To be more successful during the admission process, you should have strong writing skills. It is important to show your skills as a writer and communicator, as admission committees equate this with intellectualism. With your essay, the college can determine your ability to state and confirm a fact that a standardized test cannot do. Some college departments pay great attention to applicants’ writing skills, especially those who apply for creative and language programs. 


5. Be honest  

It is not a secret that you want to impress the admissions office as much as possible. However, you must honestly talk about your experience without trying to distort yourself. Members of the admissions committee may notice uncertainty in the answers of applicants who write to simply make an impression. It is better to write on issues that matter rather than exaggerate or lie. If there is a hero in your life, just mention how this person influenced your life, and, accordingly, increased your interest in this college. If you write more about this person, you are informing college admissions officers about him or her, not about you.


6. Remove unnecessary parts

After reading your essay, if you start yawning at a certain point, do not hesitate to rewrite or even delete the particular part. If your own writing style bothers you, the admissions committee will probably also not enjoy reading it.


7. Make it neat and accurate

Do not include photographs and graphics. Make sure your essay is neatly formatted and easy to read.


8. Be original

Try to read your essay like you are member of the admissions committee. Try to think about the banal stories that they read in most cases – do not repeat them.


9. Take a chance

With possible side effects in mind, you can consider risky options for attracting attention, if necessary. An example of this approach can be some unexpected recognition or being a little more sincere in your admission essay.


10. Edit, relax, and wait

Before submitting an essay, proofread and edit it. When you read it, ask yourself if the paper sounds like you. After you have done everything possible to polish your paper, sit back and relax. At the moment, you cannot influence the result. Hope for the best, and an admission letter may arrive before you even begin to worry.    

I hope that all these tips will help you to succeed in writing your admission essay. Good luck!          





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