Full Time Courses for Legal Studies

Legal Studies – or Jurisprudence – is the academic study of Law. Jurisprudence asks broad, far-reaching questions about legal systems, and their relationship with wider society. There are four, primary schools of thought in Jurisprudence – natural law, legal positivism, legal realism, and critical legal studies. Although many legal scholars are qualified attorneys, others are not; having decided to specialise in pure research at some point in their careers. A Masters in Legal Studies (an MSL, MLS, or JM) caters to these students who have a purely academic interest in Law. This includes academics in other field of study who wish to add a legal dimension to their expertise, as well as undergraduates with a legal background who wish to become academics in legal studies. It’s also common for professionals who are not qualified lawyers, but whose careers touch upon regulatory issues, to seek a Masters in Legal Studies.

Legal Studies