Full Time Courses for Ancient History

Ancient history is the study of classical antiquity in Greece and Rome from the beginning of recorded human history to the Early Middle Ages. The ancient worlds of Greece and Rome are certainly an alluring period. Not only was this time culturally, socially and creatively vibrant; but this period also lay down the foundations (metaphorically and literally) for many of our practises and principles today. The study of ancient history will offer students a new lens with which to view modern society, and this fresh understanding will enhance and enrich their own experiences in this contemporary world. Furthermore, students explore ancient history through a diverse range of disciplines, including literature, architecture, archaeology, philosophy and politics. This will allow students to expand a wide breadth of knowledge, while enhancing their ability to research, critically analyse, and develop original ideas. With a Masters of Ancient History, students can go onto further study (PhD), or some will pursue a career in politics, journalism, education, or gallery curation.

Ancient History